Hi, I'm 'Biola. Nice to meet you!

I am UI/UX Designer and Web Developer.

I'm a web technology enthusiast with over 6 years in creative design, web design and development.

Design, the Web, and I

I started my on my path as a web design in 2003, when I got my hands on a compact disc containing some HTML tutorials. Long before then, I was more of a graphics designer, using Corel Draw, Corel Photopaint, and Adobe Photoshop to design logos, business cards, posters and flyers.

I got excited seeing how I could create and tweak “my own HTML website”. With the desire to do more, I went further on to Flash animations, Javascript, PHP and so on. Web design development with it’s fast and dynamic advancement has’’t stop fascinating the same way it did at first.

My first professional hands on was in my University’s days (around 2006), where I was part of the a small team in the university’s ICT centre that built and managed everything relating to the school’s portals.

Fast forward to today, I have worked with other firms as full time or freelance, working as Web designer, Web Developer, and UI/UX designer on various kinds of projects.

My enthusiasm hasn’t died out but instead, has grown stronger. I’m always looking forward onto the next thing in web to work on and new new technologies to learn and implement.

What I do

Web UI/UX Design

Web & Mobile Dev.

Graphic Design

Get in touch

So that's about me for now. If you'll like to drop me a line about anything, or want me learn something about me, please reach me on any of the platforms below.

If you have a project and your are interested in hiring me, or are simply interested in finding out more, please get in touch and let’s get things moving.